Importance and Advantages Of Sterling Silver Leverback Earring Findings

Published: 06th June 2011
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Sterling silver leverback earring findings have seemed to gain a huge popularity in the past few decades. These types of earring findings provide a secure locking system along with spectacular style and look. High suitability of sterling silver metal for making jewelry and well secure and safe locking system provided by leverback style make the two principal reasons for sterling silver leverback earring findings to be admired by the manufacturers and buyers. First one must understand the functionality of the leverback style earring findings. In leverback style, one part of the earring which is in the shape of a curved loop gets connected to a link which resembles a hook. These types of earrings are easy to wear yet extremely sturdy, protective and comfortable to the ears.

The inspiration of leverback style earrings first came through the subtle hints provided by the ancient Greek jewelry designing in 300 BC. Greeks used various precious pearls and gemstones such as emeralds and amethysts to make wonderful earrings and those earrings had a very interesting style of locking. This eventually led to the invention of leverback earrings. Jewelry manufactured soon refined the design of this interesting Greek idea of earring findings and created a much better and secure lock system for today’s generation.

Leverback earrings also referred to as snap-back earrings or key earrings, not only look beautiful but are also highly suitable for precious accessories such as earrings. sterling silver leverback style is mostly commonly used with diamonds or other precious and expensive gemstones because of its high quality, strength, security and adaptability to the accessory.

However there are many benefits of using sterling silver leverback earrings findings but three most essential benefits of sterling silver leverback earring findings are:

Security: Such styles of earrings made of sterling silver metal provide extreme security. While leverback style of locking system ensure great safety the sterling silver used to make it makes it even better and reduces the chances for an earring to fall off the ear or beings snatched.

Skin Friendliness: Sterling silver leverback findings are highly appropriate for people which sensitive skin. This metal is very skin friendly and also this type of earring findings are easy to wear.

Cost Effectiveness: Sterling silver leverback earring findings are much more affordable than their gold or platinum counterparts but provide the similar safety and comfort as them. Thus, from an investment point of view sterling silver earring findings are a wiser bet than other precious metal findings.

Besides the above three qualities sterling silver leverback earring findings have many other positive features such as their durability, reliability, easy maintenance, authenticity, convenient application and last but certainly not the least their charming looks

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